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Covid-19 Testing

Dr. Sloan and Dr. Manole both have extensive public health backgrounds and experience. The combined experience in these community efforts have allowed Manzano Medical Group the understanding of what communities need and how to provide this in an accessible manner.

In response to the recent Covid outbreak, companies have been forced to move quickly in order to maintain standards of care for their employees that ensure safety and compliance. Manzano Medical Group has been successful in working with leaders of the technology, energy, and health care sectors by providing flexible, tailor made, Covid testing protocols. This allows companies to continue forward with their mission while maintaining maximum safety for their workers.

Uncontrolled Covid outbreak would grind any business to a halt, whereas thoughtful testing protocols provide clarity and assurance to management and enhanced safety for workers to continue their mission. Manzano Medical Group has been at the forefront of ensuring security with serial testing and surveillance type testing.

At Manzano Medical Group, we offer flexible services to contracted employers and to private insurances that can be done onsite, in clinic, or curbside, to meet the needs of the company. The turnaround time for results is minimal, and complete confidentiality of information is upheld.

We welcome consulting with industry leaders to customize a testing protocol for their company that is the least intrusive and allows the company to continue to meet their mission and goals.

Here at Manzano Medical Group our goal is to provide the best services possible in working alongside our clients, and continue to be leaders in our field as we do our part to ensure Covid standards of safety nationwide. Please contact Colleen at our office at 505-727-4919 for more information and to set up an account with us. We look forward to working with you.