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Patient Reviews

Rolinda N. So-c Smith
8 months ago
We have the great pleasure of this dr. In care of my father. Thank you. See you next year.
Maureen Machon
8 months ago
Best medical team I have ever experienced. Received a PRP injection a month ago in my left hip. One month later I'm feeling the results and my pain level is down. Thank you Dr. Sloan and your wonderful staff! Extra thanks to Lisa for answering all my questions and truly caring about me and my health.
Tonita Tsosie
8 months ago
very professional and empathetic crew except for two certain individuals. Tracey and Anna,Felicia were superb staff my daughter received care from esp Dr tessler. great team of doctors and health care staff.
Barney Barker
10 months ago
I received regenerative procedures from Dr Sloan and his staff. I had PRP, Stem Cell and a follow up procedure on my wrists. At the time, my orthopedic surgeon who I love said surgery was needed due to bone on bone arthritis. . I was in constant excruciating pain. After reviewing my MRI and Xray Dr Sloan felt I would be a candidate for the regenerative procedures. It has been 18 months and I am no longer in constant level 9 pain. In fact I am rarely in pain. (Only when I overdue writing or griping). I can now zip a zipper, hold a glass and grip things which I had not been able to do. I can even play Volleyball again. I highly recommend Manzano Medical and Dr Sloan for any regenerative procedures (Regenexx). I trust them with my hands and am getting ready to do my knees. Dr Sloan will also turn away patients who he cannot help. Highly ethical and wanting to help eliminate pain.
Helen Koller
10 months ago
This is my 2nd time. I had the regenix procedure on my other knee. I was extremely pleased with the results the first time. I can’t believe the pain relief the first time on my right knee. I had been getting shots for several years and the next step was knee replacement. I was not ready for that. The results were amazing. Worth every penny. My left knee was done in October. Almost 3 months ago. The left knee is slowly feeling better but I understand the process takes 6 to 9 months from past experience. I would recommend this to everyone and Dr. Sloan and his staff are awesome.
Mimi S
12 months ago
Dr. Sloan and his staff were nothing short of amazing. Lisa was so good at explaining everything email correspondence and phone calls prior to the procedure. I felt very well cared for. The knee injections have so far completely removed any pain I had and I feel great. A big thank you!
Professor Loredana Padurean
1 year ago
Attentive care by Dr. Sloan and his lovely staff. I came all the way from Asia to have a regenerative treatment done to my neck area, a very modern and advanced medical procedure. All the staff was sweet and kind and very empathetic. I know most people don’t like going to the doctors, but my experience was so great, it felt more like going to a spa! The clinic is also very conveniently located around some hotels and B&B’s if you come from out of town like I did. Im so grateful for the wonderful service and overall humanity the staff showed. A side note. While I was there, I observed a “level 1 patient discharge” - all the staff and the doctors came to greet a patient leaving the hospital. All clapping and cheering. Made me think what a great overall clinic. Thank you Dr. Sloan, Glenn, Jane, Debbie and everyone else.
David Otwell
1 year ago
I have never had better treatment, than I have had with doctor Sloan in his staff. They were extremely pleasant, professional and attentive. I feel very fortunate to have this team of people work for me. I would recommend , without hesitation, to anyone.
Thelma DeCarlo
1 year ago
Very positive. Extremely attentive, friendly staff. Meticulous.
Healthgrades User
1 year ago
Dr. Sloan and his staff are friendly, professional and listen carefully to their patients’ concerns and symptoms. He appreciates ones functional level of impairment to provide the most expeditious ret